Health and Safety Policy


Statement of Intent

The policy of Exam Stars Ltd, and the Headteacher of each school where we teach, is to maintain safe and healthy working conditions for all staff, pupils and visitors. In preparing this policy the Health and Safety guidelines from The Department for Education at have been taken in to account.

The allocation of duties for safety matters and the particular arrangements made to implement the policy are set out in this document. An annual review of the policy will take place. The Policy will be kept under constant review and reviewed at least annually.


The Headteacher (LEA – Local Education Authority)

Overall responsibility for the detailed health and safety arrangements within all the schools in which Exam Stars staff work, lies with the Headteacher and in their absence with the designated team leader in charge. It is the Headteacher’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the LEA policy for health and safety and are responsible for informing us of their committee and representatives.

Exam Stars Teaching Staff Responsibilities

All Exam Stars tutors have the responsibility to co-operate to achieve a healthy and safe workplace and to take reasonable care of themselves and others. Whenever an employee notices a health and safety problem this should be drawn to the attention of the Headteacher or School Office immediately to record it in the incident book.


Fire Safety

All exits are marked and kept free of obstructions. All fire extinguishers and/or fire blankets are marked or made clear of their location during our tutors induction. Each school is responsible for the maintenance of all fire safety equipment. Exam Stars tutors are to report any damaged fire safety equipment to the school office or Headteacher and must take part in all fire drills should they occur during their tutoring time. In the event of a fire, all staff and children congregate in the correct assembly point, and Exam Stars tutors ensure that all students with them at the time are escorted to their correct meeting point.


It is the responsibility of Exam Stars tutors to enquire about the location of the nearest first aid box. All accidents must be taken to the school office to be recorded and monitored. Exam Stars tutors are advised to attend an Emergency First Aid Course and keep this updated.

Should a student have an accident during your lesson with them, it is both the school and Exam Stars tutor’s responsibility to inform the parents and to proceed with a follow-up aftercare call or email. The schools usually send a specific form to the parents to inform them of the accident.

If dealing with bleeding or other cases of body fluids, it is advisable to use plastic gloves or other forms of protection. If there is an emergency situation, an ambulance is called to transport a child to hospital. Wherever possible, the parent should accompany their child. If this is not possible, the child is accompanied by two members of school staff. In a non-emergency situation, staff/Exam Stars tutors can transport a child, but should ensure they have correct insurance cover, otherwise a taxi must be used.

Reporting Hazards

Exam Stars tutors are responsible for reporting hazards. It is then the Headteacher’s responsibility to follow up this report. The health and safety committee monitors the action taken to remedy hazards.

Electrical Safety

Each school is responsible for checking that electrical equipment is numbered and logged. Exam Stars tutors are expected to visually check equipment before use and report damage and remove from the area with a notice saying “Fault Do Not Use”. In addition, a risk assessment is carried out on an annual basis and appliances tested by a contractor and a certificate held listing all tested and serviceable equipment. Particular care needs to be taken with extension leads, to avoid trailing wires. No electrical equipment should be introduced into school from home without the prior agreement of the Headteacher.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations

Any substances marked as dangerous are not left in classrooms e.g. cleaning products. Exam Stars tutors should check that instructions are followed when using any such substances. Please inform the Headteacher of any potential COSHHE items that have been brought into school.

Equipment (staging/props/set/furniture)

It is the responsibility of all Exam Stars tutors to ensure that equipment is in good working order and is stored safely, for example, stage blocks, set and props. Any faulty equipment or furniture should be withdrawn from use and reported to the Headteacher, with a note saying Fault Do Not Use.

Health and Hygiene

Notifiable and Infectious Diseases

Details of notifiable diseases and periods of exclusion are kept in each schools prospectus.


It is the school policy not to administer medicine except in the case of chronic illness after discussion with parents. A medical care plan is then drawn up in conjunction with the school’s medical officer. In general only inhalers are kept in school. Children who go home with a medical complaint or as a result of an accident are recorded in a book in the office. Exam Stars tutors should be made aware of any children with medical conditions via their registration/application form or be being informed by the school.


Exam Stars tutors are not permitted to smoke on the grounds of any schools where our tuition is provided.


It is the responsibility of each school to monitor the cleanliness of the building. Exam Stars tutors are responsible for encouraging good hygiene habits in the children. Particular emphasis is placed on hand washing. Please report any school hygiene issues to the school office or Headteacher.

Using Outdoor Spaces to Teach

Exam Stars tutors must check with the Headteacher or other teachers with authority before taking children to an outside teaching space e.g. school field or playground. Weather conditions must be suitable and students must be wearing suitable clothing and shoes. It is the responsibility of the Exam Stars tutor to escort all students quietly and safely to and from the outdoor space paying particular attention to noise as other classes may be going ahead. Please check each school’s policy on outdoor space for teaching and the procedure for a child needing to re-enter the school e.g. toilet.


Exam Stars tutors are expected to follow each schools security procedures and sign in/out of the building accordingly. Exam Stars tutors are encouraged to be aware of strangers on any school premises. If a visitor is unknown identification should be requested. Exam Stars tutors must enquire about the procedure for any unauthorised visitors or any act of violence or abuse towards a member of staff. Exam Stars tutors must report any suspicious behaviour to the Headteacher or school office, and will take the appropriate action.

Schools Health and Safety Policy

Exam Stars tutors should request a copy of the school Health and Safety Policy to read and adhere to.