During our lessons, secondary school students learn to use textual analysis and critical thinking to acknowledge, understand and embody their performances. Practising these skills benefit the student’s academic studies and teach them the fundamental skills used for interviews. Our main aim in secondary school lessons is to use these technical skills to unpack challenging texts and characters, thus bringing what is on the page to life!

Exam Stars can offer a variety of options during the school day:

Solo (one to one)


Small groups

We can also offer lunch time and after-school clubs for larger groups

Our Secondary classes are for 11-18-year-olds. At this level, we teach the Entry and up to grades 8 LAMDA examination syllabus to this age. These examinations are designed to strengthen performance and communication skills and develop self-confidence. Students also gain UCAS points from grade 6  onwards.

Taking part in  Exam Stars Communication lessons would help pupils to:

* Confidently and effectively communicate with others
* Select and adapt speech to different situations and audiences
* Become critical readers of a range of texts
* Analyse, comment and make comparisons between different writers and genres and justify answers with evidence from the text
* Understand the patterns, structures and conventions of written and spoken English
* Expand vocabulary and ability to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words using context
* Memorise and recall information

Our Exam Stars administrative team liaise directly with the parents. You would only need to provide us with a space to run the sessions – leaving you with happy, engaged children and absolutely no extra administrative work-load.

We would be delighted to run a free, fun and interactive assembly to introduce Exam Stars sessions to your staff and pupils.

Please email  to discuss how we can work with you to include Exam Stars tuition in your extra-curricular activity timetable.